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Drupal shoes: the sequel

Submitted by nicolas on Tue, 01/25/2011 - 18:05

Since tuesday January 18, I have my drupal shoes! They were on time, so I can wear them at the drupal developer days in Brussels. Here are some real life pictures. You'll see the difference with the rendered flash picture of the Nike app, that I showed in my previous post.

The conclusion after having worn them for a week: great shoes! The build quality seems great, at least better than my last pair of sneakers (Le Coq Sportif) and they sit comfortably. Now I can code with style!


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Drupal shoes

Submitted by nicolas on Mon, 12/27/2010 - 15:08

Some time ago I heard about the Nike ID shoes. Shoes that you can customize. You choose the colors and then you can add your id on the heel or other place Nike designed.

Now I was thinking what a drupal shoe would look like. Well what would you think of these?


First pair of drupal shoes


Second pair of drupal shoes


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Drupal christmas tree

Submitted by nicolas on Thu, 12/23/2010 - 22:24

The making of

Since it is almost christmas, my colleagues bought some blue christmas balls and some tipp-ex. Then they printed a front faced druplicon and did cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Then the printed druplicon was glued on the christmas ball and the painting could start. Resulting in this image:

making of a drupal christmas ball


Here's a picture of the finished drupal christmas ball:

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SOLR troubles

Submitted by nicolas on Thu, 12/16/2010 - 18:18



When having your drupal site it is good to know your search options. There is the standard drupal search, but that could slow down the site when reaching a decent amount of nodes. Ask the maintainers! An option at that point is SOLR.

You are going to use a dedicated search machine that will index your content without having an impact on your drupal site. That's great! But how can you use SOLR? Read on.


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Technology: goes live

Submitted by nicolas on Sun, 11/28/2010 - 22:26

For a long time I wanted to bring my site live. As I don't succeed in putting a site on my local machine and upload it when finished, I am putting a site online and I will be finishing it piece by piece. So this is a work in progress. What can you expect here? I want to blog about my drupal work, technical problems I encounter, etc...

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